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Mackay Engineering & Surveying Company has a staff of professionals to complete any engineering project. Our staff utilizes state of the art equipment to complete projects, including AutoCAD®, SurvCADD®, TR-55®, HydroPlus®, Dodson® and other computer based programs.


Mackay Engineering & Surveying Company provides civil engineering consulting services for all aspects of municipal needs, including, but not limited to storm sewers, drainage systems, sanitary sewer improvements, water line improvements, rehabilitation & widening of roads, improvement plans for new roads, and sewer grouting & cleaning.

Commercial Site Plans

Consulting Services provided for Commercial Site Plans include utility layout, storm water management, erosion control management and site grading.

Subdivision Design

​​Services provided for Subdivisions include sublot layout, utility layout, storm water management, Storm Water Pollution Prevention, site grading, road design, and submittals to reviewing agencies, such as Ohio EPA. 

Other Engineering Services

Many other services, including assistance completing grant applications, construction inspection, feasibility studies, construction cost estimates, and contract administration are provided by Mackay Engineering. Please contact us to discuss any Civil Engineering needs you may have.

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